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Ugandan protests lead to violent confrontation with army

Edward Echwalu / Reuters

A military police officer walks past a barricaded road in Kampala, Uganda on April 29. At least one person was killed when Ugandan police fired live bullets and tear gas on Friday to disperse crowds protesting the arrest a day earlier of opposition leader Kizza Besigye, a Reuters witness said.

Marc Hofer / AFP - Getty Images

Ugandan soldiers shoot at demonstrators, who pelt them with rocks from apartment buildings, during riots in Kampala on April 29.

Marc Hofer / AFP - Getty Images

People carry away a woman who fainted after being overcome by teargas during riots in downtown Kampala on April 29.

Ugandan army troops and police faced off against rioting demonstrators in downtown Kampala on Friday, the first time the Uganda's growing protest movement had reached the country's capital. Red Cross officials said at least one person was killed and 64 wounded. Continue reading.

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