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His lordship will vote in his dressing gown

British voters must decide whether to ditch decades of ballot box tradition or go Hollywood in parliamentary elections by adopting the same voting method used for the Academy Awards, we reported today.

My personal experience of voting at a community center in south London this morning was somewhat lacking in Oscars-style glitz, I must say.

But that's not necessarily true for everybody. In one corner of the Hampshire town of Fleet, for example, the location of the polling station adds a little glamor to the whole affair.

Adrian Dennis / AFP - Getty Images

Lord Hannah of Pilcot is pictured in his dressing gown holding a 52 year-old teddy bear as he walks out of the living room after talking with the Poll Clerk and Presiding Officer at a polling station in his living room near Fleet, Hampshire, England on May 5.

AFP photographer Adrian Dennis was an early caller at the home of Lord Hannah of Pilcot, who allows his Grade II listed house to be used as a polling station for the day. That means that he can vote in his dressing gown.

His lordship is traditionally the first to vote in the Dogmersfield ward, but Dennis reports that he was beaten to it this year by an eager member of the public.