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'JetMan' gets Grand Canyon OK but then scraps flight

On a slow news day, there's nothing we editors look forward to more than a stunt man like "JetMan" planning to fly over the Grand Canyon. Unfortunately, good sense got the best of him.

As AP reported:

HUALAPAI INDIAN RESERVATION, Ariz. — The "JetMan" has canceled his latest planned flight.

Swiss daredevil Yves Rossy said he scrapped his plan to fly over the Grand Canyon in a jet-propelled wing suit Friday morning because he didn't have enough time to train.

"If I do a mistake and half of U.S. television (is here), it's really bad for you, for me, for everybody," he told The Associated Press from Guano Point on the Hualapai Reservation, where spectators had planned to watch him soar through the air.