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Photographer describes covering the floods in Memphis

Associated Press photographer Jeff Roberson said about making this picture:

I’ve been covering floods for The Associated Press for nearly 20 years, and I’ve spent the last two weeks following the latest one down the Mississippi River. You’re looking at one of the latest stops in my journey, a building in Memphis with two signs outside: “Peaches Bar” and “For rent.” I took this picture through a window — really, the hole where a window used to be — while standing in thigh-deep water. The routine was pretty typical for flood coverage: Make sure my tetanus shot is up to date (it is), grab the go pack I keep in the attic, drive to the edge of the water, put on chest waders and walk into the floodwaters, very slowly, being careful not to step into a manhole or off the end of a submerged ledge. If you can call any of that typical.