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'JetMan' makes his flight over the Grand Canyon

When we last saw Yves "JetMan" Rossy in PhotoBlog on Friday, he was posing on the rim of the Grand Canyon after deciding to cancel his flight.

On Saturday, he made good on his plan to fly over the canyon on a jet wing. Full story.


Flying his jet-propelled wing attached to his back, and steering only by movement of his body, Rossy launched from a helicopter at 8,000 feet into the breathtaking blue of the Grand Canyon sky. Skimming the rockscape at speeds of up to 190 mph, Jetman sustained flight for more than eight minutes, 200 feet above the rim of Grand Canyon West. To end the flawless precision flight, Rossy deployed his parachute and gracefully descended to the canyon floor.

Alain Ernoult

Yves "JetMan" Rossy flies over the Grand Canyon, May 7.