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Awesome photo of shuttle from airplane

A passenger on a flight from New York to Florida caught a glimpse of U.S. space history Monday.

Stefanie Gordon of Hoboken, N.J., captured three images and a 12-second video of the final launch of the Endeavour shuttle with her phone -- about 30 minutes before her flight arrived in Palm Beach, Fla.

Stefanie Gordon

Stefanie Gordon captured this remarkable picture on a flight from New York to Palm Beach, Fla., after the final liftoff of space shuttle Endeavour near Cape Canaveral on Monday, May 16.

“It’s awe inspiring. I would never expect to be that close,” Gordon said. “I didn’t grasp the magnitude until after the fact.”

She also didn’t anticipate the response she got. “I’ve been retweeted by NASA, The Weather Channel. … I can’t even keep up with my friends! It’s really overwhelming. I just got off the plane and tweeted what I saw.”

Gordon was grateful for the in-flight announcement from the pilot.

“I was asleep and happened to wake up," she said. Her first thought: “Great – the one time I don’t have my camera with me.”

She shot the photos and the video on an iPhone 3GS.

A self-described  lover of photography, Gordon usually keeps a trusty Canon PowerShot camera on hand, mostly for shooting pictures at Yankees’ games, where she’s a season ticket holder.

You can see more of Stefanie Gordon's tweets here @Stefmara.

Update on 5/16/11 at 8:14pm EST:
A quick thank you to Newsvine user bpevansncsu who mentioned some cool images he shot while heading to St. Lucia. He caught the STS-115 launch of Atlantis in Sept 2006. You can see the images here.

Using her cell phone, airplane passenger Stefanie Gordon snapped a photo of space shuttle Endeavour's final launch into space, providing a rare glimpse of a shuttle liftoff from above the clouds. She discusses the photo with msnbc's Thomas Roberts.

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