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iPhone panoramic photograph of Joplin, Missouri tornado devastation

Aaron Sasson / NBC News via yfrog.com

NBC News photographer Aaron Sasson tweeted this picture this morning:

@AaronSasson: More devastation from the hospital site in #Joplin, MO. #tornado http://yfrog.com/h8w1bioj

Aaron told us via email how he made this picture and what else he is up to:

I took multiple pictures with the iPhone and used an app called Autostitch. I use it ALL the time. I made a wide angle adapter for my iphone, and use that to take pics and video. Home made...yes. I'll have to post a shot of that too.

I've been shooting vid since leaving airport last night all through the process of getting to a breaking story and will cut it on imovie for iphone today and try to post tonight.

The other gear? Packed in dry cases and been shooting stills and video while hunkered down.

He's not the only NBC News staffer filing live updates and pictures via Twitter. See the latest updates at the NBC News twitter feed. A few excerpts below:

RT @zmarcus: #Joplin sky reminds me of an oncoming wave. http://yfrog.com/gz8esdkj

From our producer on the ground in the tornado-hit city. RT @zmarcus Devastation in #joplinhttp://t.co/mBUo2kO

Correspondent Ron Mott is also tweeting:

We're in path of severe wx right now in #Joplin. Pea-sized hail falling but at least the wind is relatively calm. Should clear soon #tornado

This was a two-story home reduced to one level after Sunday's #tornado in #Joplin. Phenomenal damage http://yfrog.com/h6yzjaxj

For pictures, video and updates from a variety of folks in Joplin, follow the latest updates at the BreakingNews.com feed on the tornado story.

Meanwhile, we're regularly updating our slideshow on the aftermath of the Joplin twister, and letting folks know when we update via the @msnbc_pictures Twitter account.