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Long lines and empty shelves around currency devaluation in Belarus

Sergei Grits / AP

Belarusian drivers wait in a queue to fill their tanks with fuel a petrol station before a price hike in Minsk, Monday, May 23, 2011. Prices of fuel will rise up to 20 percent by Tuesday, according to local media reports.

Tatyana Zenkovich / EPA

Customers pass by empty shelves in an electronic equipment shop in Minsk, Belarus, 23 May 2011. Booming demand for certain commodities and growing prices at Belarussian shops result from instability on the currency market.

Vladimir Nikolsky / Reuters

People queue up to buy foreign currency outside an exchange office of Belarusbank in Minsk May 23, 2011. The Belarussian rouble strengthened on the interbank market on Monday, bankers said, extending gains made last week after the government announced asset sale plans and Russia said Minsk could get a loan in June.

Here's a story about Belarus devaluing its currency by a third.