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Smuggled shipment of sea turtles and coral intercepted in Philippines

Romeo Ranoco / Reuters

A customs official stands guard beside a preserved hawksbill turtle, locally known as "Pawikan," and rare black corals before customs officials and a senator present to media inside a customs headquarters in Manila May 30, 2011. According to customs officials, the Bureau of Customs seized earlier this month two containers of protected species amounting to 35 million pesos ($808,221) including 161 preserved hawksbill and green turtles, nearly 21,000 pieces of black corals, more than 7,300 seashells and 196kg of sea whips.

Rolex Dela Pena / EPA

Filipinos bring out dried sea turtles from an illegal shipment seized by authorities and kept for inspection at the Bureau of Customs port in Manila, Philippines, 30 May 2011. The World Wild Fund for Nature (WWF) said marine species illegally captured by poachers end up as delicacies in Chinese restaurants and as medicines behind the drug counters of Hongkong, China, Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Burma. The WWF has also called for intensified protection of coral reefs, following discovery of illegal shipments of black sea corals by Philippine authorities in May 2011.

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