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Anti-government sit-in while Yemen's president is absent

Khaled Abdullah / Reuters

Vendors selling qat, a mild stimulant, flash the victory sign as they wait for customers at the site of an anti-government sit-in to demand the removal of Yemen's President Ali Abdullah Saleh in Sanaa on June 6. The United States made clear on Monday that it wants Yemen's government to seize on the absence of Saleh to try to effect a peaceful, orderly political transition.

Hani Mohammed / AP

Yemenis walk past vendors selling qat next to the site of a rally by anti-government protestors celebrating President Ali Abdullah Saleh's departure to Saudi Arabia, on June 6. A cease-fire in Yemen's capital was at risk of unraveling as regime supporters opened fire on opposition fighters in renewed clashes that killed at least six. The violence raises fears over the potentially explosive situation after the wounded President Ali Abdullah Saleh left the country, creating a deep power vacuum.

 It’s a relief to see photos other than those of violence in Yemen.  It makes me stop and realize that everyone needs to take a break and enjoy life sometimes.


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