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Rampaging elephant kills man in Indian city

GRAPHIC IMAGE BELOW: Please be forewarned that an image lower down on this post could be disturbing to some readers.

Two wild elephants went on a three-hour rampage in the southern Indian city of Mysore, trampling one person to death and causing widespread panic, local officials told AFP.

State forest department officials said the young jumbos, which were later tranquilized and captured, came from a forest about 22 miles away with two others, who remain at large on the outskirts of the city.

Every year hundreds of people across India die when wild animals wander into cities as their natural habitats shrink and they have to range farther for food, according to AP.

AFP - Getty Images

A wild Indian elephant, with a tranquliser dart in its side, brushes past a car as it causes panic on a street in Mysore, India on June 8.

AFP - Getty Images

An elephant, with a tranquiliser dart in its side, is watched by bystanders, one armed, as it walks in a compound in Mysore on June 8.


A wild elephant attacks a man during a rampage in Mysore on June 8. The man was killed.

AFP - Getty Images

An Indian elephant is linked by a heavy rope to others as it is led from the scene of its capture in Mysore on June 8.

One person was killed when a pair of wild elephants entered a town in southern India. TODAY.com's Dara Brown reports.