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After the wave: Former neighbors try to rebuild community together

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For most, an ocean-view home is a dream come true. But for rice farmer Katsushi Haga, a survivor of the deadly March earthquake and tsunami in Japan, it's a nightmare.

Haga is one of the leaders of a drive to move the historic, tight-knit seaside community of mostly rice farmers and fishermen to the top of this hill, which is about a mile inland and nearly 214 feet above sea level than its present location.

Given the devastation that the March 11 tsunami visited on Koizumi, he is not bothered by the lack of a sea view. In fact, he considers it a plus.

“I don’t want to see the ocean,” he said. “If I see the ocean, it reminds me of the tsunami.”

Jim Seida / msnbc.com

"This is far from the ocean so we won't be seeing the sea. We don't want to see the ocean," says rice farmer Katsushi Haga , standing on an undeveloped hill outside his hometown of Koizumi, Japan on Wednesday, June 8, 2011. Haga is part of a town committee that wants to buy the land and move there.

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Jim Seida / msnbc.com

Koizumi, a town hard hit by the March tsunami, is seen from a nearby hillside. June 8, 2011