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Wildlife emerges after heath fire in Dorset, England

Stefan Wermuth / Reuters

A lizard clings to a charred tree branch after a blaze affecting over 5 square miles (500 hectares) of Dorset's Upton Heath was brought under control overnight near Poole in southwest England on June 10.

Stefan Wermuth / Reuters

A firefighter sprays water over charred ground after a blaze affecting Dorset's Upton Heath was brought under control overnight.

Large forest fires are a relatively rare occurrence in the UK. Though tiny in comparison to the huge blaze still burning in Arizona, the BBC reported that yesterday's heath fire was the biggest in Dorset since 1976.

Reuters adds some background:

Parts of the East Anglia region in eastern England have been declared to be in a state of drought after some areas of the country had their driest spring on record, the British government said on Friday.

Areas in southwest, southeast and central England and Wales are also experiencing near-drought conditions following prolonged sunny and dry weather from March.