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After the wave: Still in a tsunami shelter, three months later

Jim Seida / msnbc.com

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After losing both his tofu-making business and their home in Japan's March tsunami, Koichi Aizawa and his wife Tomoko have been living in a shelter housed in a junior high school in Miyako, Japan, for the last three months. They are like nearly 90,000 people who remain in shelters after being displaced by the March tsunami, with another 12,100 living in temporary houses, according to Japanese media, which cited statistics from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

Watch the video below to tour the shelter with Koichi and see how families are sharing classrooms to create makeshift homes.

53-year-old tofu maker, Mr. Koichi Aizawa, gives us a tour of the shelter in Miyako city where he and his wife have been living since their home and business were destroyed by the tsunami.


See more pictures from the shelter and read about a carpenter who is returning to his job after volunteering to help tsunami victims for the last three months. (Reporting by Miranda Leitsinger, msnbc.com)