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After the wave: Worried about your kids? Try raising them in a tsunami disaster area


Kyle Drubek for msnbc.com

Riyo Takeda (right) and Yuna Sato share a sad moment over a lost toy. In between is Riyo's mother Mai Takeda. They were gathered for a class that covered nutrition, sanitation and also personal consultations for seven mothers and their children.

In tsunami-ravaged Minimasanriku, Japan, new parents are juggling rebuilding their lives and learning the ropes as parents during a time when even the simple things, like buying baby milk and diapers, are hard to come by. But some programs for new parents have resumed, like the health check-up that freelancer Kyle Drubek, who is working with the msnbc.com team in Japan, captured above.

Meet a couple whose baby was due on March 11, the day of the devastating quake, in a story by msnbc.com's Miranda Leitsinger.