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Rare wild horses returned to their natural habitat

The AP reports from DOLNI DOBREJOV, Czech Republic:

Four rare wild horses were flown to Mongolia as part of the Prague Zoo's efforts to reintroduce the endangered species to its native habitat.

After a 6,000-kilometer (3,700-mile) flight aboard a military plane, three mares named Kordula, Cassovia and Lima, and a stallion named Matyas, will be transported another 280 kilometers (175 miles) by truck to the western Mongolian reserve of Khomiin Tal. There they will join a herd of more than 20 already reintroduced by a French group.

The Przewalski horses once inhabited the grasslands of central Asia, but became extinct in the wild in the late 1960s and early 1970s as hunters on the Chinese-Mongolian border shot them in great numbers and spreading agriculture and livestock populations forced them off their traditional grazing land. Continue reading.

The National Zoo has more information on the Przewalski's horse, one of the last surviving breeds of wild horses in the world.