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Light bulb with its own webcam, Facebook page turns 110 years old

Dick Jones / EPA

A Dick Jones handout picture of the longest burning light bulb released by www.centennialbulb.org taken Feb. 25, 2001, at the Livermore Fire Station #6 in Livermore, Calif., is the world's oldest lightbulb. It turns 110 years-old on June 18. The bulb first lit up in 1901 before the Titanic sank and before the San Francisco earthquake in 1906. The lightbulb has its own profile on Facebook and is watched over by a webcam which offers round-the-clock proof of its continued activity.

Wow, and I thought the 7-year bulbs that I bought the other day were a good deal. Check out the bulb's Facebook page here and the webcam here. Here is a list of the nearest competitors according to the Centennial Bulb's website.

The Second longest bulb was listed in the 1970 Guinness Book under the heading Most Durable says that "on 21 Sept 1908 a stagehand named Barry Burke at the Byers Opera House, Fort Worth, Texas screwed in a new light bulb and that it was still burning". The building was renamed the Palace Theatre, and the light was known as the Palace Bulb ever since. It now resides in the Stockyards Museum, and will have been burning for 100 years Sept of 2008. A website is in the works.
The Third, a bulb in a New York City hardware store, Gasnick Supplies, had been working since 1912, but it is unknown if it still works today.
The Fourth is known as "the bulb" which like ours, burns in a firehouse in the town of Mangum, Oklahoma. It has been in operation since around 1926, has no special power conversions, and is turned on and off with normal use.
The Fifth was a bulb in a washroom at the Martin & Newby Electrical Shop in Ipswich, England was dated from 1930 and burned out in January 2001.