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Police and soldiers take over Rio's Morro da Mangueira shantytown

After the World Cup in 2014, Rio will also host the 2016 Olympics. Check out this piece in the Yale Journal of International Affairs about the history of violence in Rio and Olympic planners' desire to foster long-term security in the city.

Vanderlei Almeida / AFP - Getty Images

A marine in an armored personnel carrier throws a blue smoke flare in Rio de Janeiro's Morro da Mangueira shantytown as he advances through the slum's steep roads early in the morning of June 19, in a pre-announced operation. Hundreds of Brazilian police and soldiers backed by helicopters and armored vehicles swept in Sunday to take over a crime-ridden Rio slum as part of a pacification plan ahead of the football World Cup in 2014. More than 100 marines and 160 elite police officers took part in the operation in the hillside Mangueira neighborhood, which went off without a shot being fired, a police spokesman said. Drug gangs which had been controlling the district had fled well in advance.