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A surreal scene plays out amid China's floodwaters

Darley Wong / Reuters

Students in graduation robes stand on a stone bridge submerged by water at the flooded Donghu Lake in Wuhan, Hubei province, China, on June 21.

Darley Wong / Reuters

Students stand on a stone bridge submerged by floodwaters at Donghu Lake on June 21.

I asked Reuters for the story behind these photos, and their Beijing bureau kindly supplied more information: 

These students are from Wuhan University. They just had their graduation ceremony, then came to Donghu Lake in their robes for a special graduation photo.

Wuhan is an inland city, but heavy rainfall last Saturday broke down the city: roads were submerged, cars were stranded, lots of people were trapped and couldn't go home [See Saturday's images on PhotoBlog].

So after a while people online started to spread a sarcasm: "If you love him/her, take him/her to Wuhan to see the sea."

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