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Nepalese laborer digs deep in search of water

Narendra Shrestha / EPA

Onlookers watch as Rishi Dev Yadav digs a well for a water source in Kathmandu, Nepal, on June 15.

Narendra Shrestha / EPA

Rishi Dev Yadav, 28, looks up while digging a well for a water source at a depth of around 35 feet in Kathmandu on June 15.

EPA moved a set of pictures today of Rishi Dev Yadav, a migrant worker from Inarwa district in eastern Nepal.

Rishi had to leave his wife and two sons behind in search for work opportunities, and for the last three years he has been digging wells in the capital city, Kathmandu. Rishi receives a wage of 2,500 Nepalese rupees (35 USD) for each well that he digs. According to Rishi, he is sometimes required to dig to depths of more than 50 feet to get to the water, which can be dangerous.

With the ever increasing population in the Kathmandu valley, the city has been facing an acute water crisis in recent years.