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Iowa farmer passes up wealth to do what he loves

Jessica Rinaldi / Reuters

Steve Walthart brings hay to his cows at his farm just down the road from Independence in the bordering town of Winthrop, Iowa on July 6. Walthart farms corn, soybeans and hay on 560 acres outside Independence. With farmland prices in Iowa now fetching $8,000 or more an acre, he is sitting on a gold mine if ever he decided to sell out, but Walthart dismisses the idea of cashing out and retiring.

Jessica Rinaldi / Reuters

A classic car is parked in the driveway at Steve Walthart's home. "Think of it, think of it," he said, "what would I do with the money? There's no better place to have it than where I've got it --in the farmland." He says he expects he will die doing his daily chores.

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