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Ailing Somali girl receives medical treatment after arduous journey

Roberto Schmidt / AFP - Getty Images

AFP reports:

Abshira Abdukadir, a four-year-old Somali girl suffering from severe diarrhea and having trouble breathing, is looked after by her parents hours after they finally reached the Dadaab refugee camp in northeast Kenya and were able to get medical assistance for their ailing daughter on July 6.

Abshira's parents, who etched a living as farmers in Baradhere, Somalia, say that their daughter became sick 10 days ago and they finally decided to leave their home in Somalia, where, they say "for the last six months nothing was growing".

Dadaab, a complex of three settlements, is the world's largest refugee camp. Built to house 90,000 people and home to more than four times that number, it was already well over its maximum capacity before an influx of 30,000 refugees in June.

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