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Tens of thousands take to the streets in Cairo

Khaled Elfiqi / EPA

A general views shows Egyptian protesters performing the Friday prayer during a protest aimed at pressuring the country's military rulers into expediting the prosecution of former regime officials, in Tahrir Square Cairo, Egpyt, on Friday. According to local sources, protesters are disappointed at what they say the slow pace of bringing former president Hosny Mubarak, ousted in a popular revolt earlier this year, and tainted officials to justice.

Mohamed Abd El-Ghany / Reuters

Egyptians surround an ambulance carrying people suffering from the heat during a protest against the former regime in Tahrir Square in Cairo on Friday, July 8. Thousands of Egyptians gathered in Cairo's Tahrir Square on Friday to demand faster reforms and the swifter prosecution of former officials from Hosni Mubarak's toppled government who face corruption and murder charges.

msnbc.com news services reports:

CAIRO — Egyptians held one of their biggest protests in months as tens of thousands took to the streets in Cairo and other cities on Friday to demand justice for victims of Hosni Mubarak's regime and press the country's new military rulers for a clear plan on transition to democracy.

There is growing frustration among Egyptians that little has changed five months after the 18-day uprising forced the former president to step down on Feb. 11. There has also been confusion over what comes next, with some demanding the military push back parliamentary elections that it set for September. Continue reading.