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Black powder explosion rocks Cyprus

Rescue workers combed a charred landscape for victims following a violent explosion on the island of Cyprus, Monday.

The Associated Press reports the massive explosion ripped through a Cypriot naval base after a brush fire detonated gunpowder stored in containers, killing 12 people, wounding 62 and prompting the resignations of the country's defense minister and top military chief.

Katia Christodoulou / EPA

Black smoke rises at a military base in southern Cyprus on July 11. A massive explosion at the Evangelos Florakis navy base in Cyprus knocked out the island's largest power station, a spokesman for the state-run electricity authority said.

Philippos Christou / AP

Rescuers walk among debris and bodies covered by sheets around the Evangelos Florakis naval base in Mari, Cyprus, on Monday July 11, 2011. The explosion tore through a Cypriot National Guard naval base causing widespread damage, the Defense Ministry said. A bush fire ignited gunpowder stored in containers that Cypriot authorities confiscated in 2009 from a ship sailing off its coast.

Patrick Baz / AFP - Getty Images

A man walks in a damaged restaurant in the Cypriot village of Mari, damaged by a huge blast after seized Iranian weapons at a nearby naval base exploded.

Patrick Baz / AFP - Getty Images

Smoke billows from a destroyed power station in Mari after a deadly explosion on July 11.

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