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Mexican immigrant, mother of four faces deportation and separation from family

John Moore / Getty Images

Undocumented Mexican immigrant Jeanette Vizguerra (left), dines with her family on July 10 in Denver, Colorado. Vizguerra is a mother of four children, three of whom were born in the US as American citizens, and is faced a deportation hearing on July 13 at Denver's Federal Courthouse. If Vizguerra is deported back to Mexico, she says her husband and children will stay on in the United States.

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The hearing on July 13 ended in uncertainty for her and her family, with the court not expected to announce her fate until October.  Just one of millions of undocumented immigrants living in the US, Vizguerra first came to Colorado from Mexico City with her husband and first child 14 years before. Now an activist for the immigration advocate group Rights For All People, she also owns a janitorial service and says she has always paid state and federal taxes on her income. Some two years ago she was stopped by a traffic policeman for driving with expired tags and taken to jail when she could not prove her legal immigration status. Out on bail during court proceedings, she now faces the real possibility that she will be deported to Mexico and separated from her family in the United States. 

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