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A pancake recipe and a Congressional Gold Medal: Rosa Parks' possessions to be auctioned

Guernsey's Auctioneers has been appointed to sell what it describes as "a remarkable body of material" owned by Rosa Parks at the time of her death.

The archive includes thousands of items - ranging from Mrs. Parks' clothes and schoolbooks to her Congressional Gold Medal and Presidential Medal of Freedom, as well as her recipe for 'featherlite pancakes' and a postcard sent to Mrs. Parks by Martin Luther King. According to the AP,  the auctioneers hope to find an institution that will buy and preserve the complete archive.

The AP reports that the archive also includes an essay written by Mrs. Parks that discloses how she was nearly raped as a young woman while working as a housekeeper for a white neighbor.

Richard Drew / AP

A postcard written to Rosa Parks from Martin Luther King, while he was traveling in Europe, is shown at Guernsey's auction house in New York on July 25.

Richard Drew / AP

The Congressional Gold Medal, left, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom, belonging to Rosa Parks, are shown at Guernsey's auction house on July 25.

Richard Drew / AP

Rosa Parks' recipe for "featherlite pancakes," written on the back of an envelope from the 1st National Bank of Detroit, and some of her correspondence, are shown at Guernsey's auction house on July 25.

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