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Bad crash landing for freeskier Ted Davenport

Cameron Spencer / Getty Images

Freeskier Ted Davenport of the United States launches off a drop during the World Heli Challenge Extreme Day at Mount Albert on Minaret Station in Wanaka, New Zealand on on Aug. 1.

Cameron Spencer / Getty Images

Ted Davenport crashes after launching off a drop.

Cameron Spencer / Getty Images

Cameron Spencer / Getty Images

Ted Davenport lays on the ground after landing a drop and breaking his leg. Medical mountain guides rushed to assist him.

I've been trying to track down information on the injuries sustained by freeskier Ted Davenport following his crash at the World Heli Challenge in New Zealand.

Yesterday Davenport tweeted:

@helichallenge went off on day1 freestyle. tomro is BigMt day!!! (and snow is EPIC)

and today snowboarder Maria Kuzma tweeted:

Fingers crossed @davsport is okay after his gnarley crash @helichallenge Mt Albert today. Sounds like fractured tib & fib heal fast buddy

Read more about Davenport's previous exploits at his personal website.