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4 security guards killed in suicide attack on Afghan hotel

The AP reports:

A suicide bomber blew up his car outside a small residential hotel frequented by foreigners just after dawn Tuesday, killing four guards, as two other militants stormed the hotel in Kunduz city and engaged the Afghan police in a two-hour gunbattle. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the assault — the latest in a rising number of attacks in northern Afghanistan.

Wahdat Afghan / Reuters

Police fight suicide attackers who took over a guesthouse in Kunduz, Afghanistan, on August 2. Three suicide bombers raided a guesthouse frequented by foreigners on Tuesday, killing four Afghan security guards employed by a German company, a senior police detective said. One attacker detonated a car bomb at the gates of the guesthouse. The other two stormed the building where they fought Afghan forces for a couple of hours before detonating their explosives, said Kunduz police detective Abdul Rahman.

Ahmed Bilal / AP

Police officers wrap the body of a hotel guard in a black cloth after a suicide attack in Kunduz on August 2.