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Iraqi Christians targeted in church bombing

The AP reports from SULAIMANIYAH, Iraq:

A car bomb outside a Christian church wounded 23 people Tuesday as security forces found and disabled vehicles packed with explosives outside two other churches in northern Iraq.

The bombing and the two averted attacks in the northern city of Kirkuk signal continued violence against Iraqi Christians, nearly 1 million of whom have fled since the war began in 2003. Continue reading.

Emad Matti / AP

Iraqis inspect the site of an early morning car bomb attack in front of a church in Kirkuk, northern Iraq, on Aug. 2. Scores of people were injured in the attack, police said.

Emad Matti / AP

The damaged interior of the holy family Syrian Catholic Church after an early morning car bomb attack in Kirkuk on Aug. 2.

Marwan Ibrahim / AFP - Getty Images

Medics stitch the forehead of a young girl who was wounded when a car bomb exploded outside a church in Kirkuk on Aug. 2.