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'Giant Mermaid' on the Alster River in Hamburg

Update, August 2, 5:35 p.m. ET:

Reading the comments below, I'm likewise confused as to why the captions describe the sculpture as a mermaid. My interpretation is that this mermaid got her wish to become fully human, as cinematic mermaids often do e.g. Splash and The Little Mermaid. You can read more about the 'Giant Mermaid' here and check out the video below by TODAY.com's Dara Brown.

Marcus Brandt / EPA

Workers fix the 'Giant Mermaid' at the inner Alster in Hamburg on Tuesday. The sculpture made by the artist and owner of an advertising agency Oliver Voss will stay in the inner Alster for the next ten days.

Axel Heimken / AP

A boat passes a sculpture of a giant mermaid designed by German artist Oliver Voss on the river Alster in Hamburg, northern Germany, on Tuesday. The sculpture made of styrofoam and steel will be on exhibit for ten days.

Controversy is brewing in Germany on whether a massive mermaid resting in a Hamburg river is art or advertising. TODAY.com's Dara Brown has the story.