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Entire crew of sinking ship rescued from peril at sea

The Indian Navy sprung into action today to rescue a crew of 30 after stormy weather claimed a ship transporting coal between Indonesia and India.

Ministry of Defence / AFP - Getty Images

An Indian Navy helicopter rescues a crew member off a sinking ship off the coast of Mumbai, India, on Thursday, Aug. 4, 2011. The ship was carrying 60,000 tons of coal from Indonesia to India and sank off the coast of Mumbai after its crew of 30 was rescued when it began taking on water in stormy seas.


A crew member of a sinking ship is hoisted onto an Indian Navy helicopter performing rescue operations as merchant ship MV Rak sinks in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Mumbai, India, on Thursday, Aug. 4.

India Pro Defence via EPA

Rescued crew members sit aboard a container ship after being rescued from their stricken vessel off the Mumbai coast. The Panama-flagged MV Rak Carrier, a 220-meter (722-foot) long vessel was on voyage from Indonesia to Port Dahej (Gujarat), carrying coal, when it sank off the coast of Mumbai, after all of its 30 crew comprising of Indonesians, Jordanians and Romanians were airlifted by two helicopters and ferried across to the helicopter base INS Shikra.