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Overcrowded Ivory Coast bus plunges off bridge, leaving at least 35 dead

Warning: This post contains graphic images that may disturb some viewers

Sia Kambou / AFP - Getty Images

A crane lifts the wreckage of a bus that plunged into the lagoon on August 5 after it veered off from the Felix Houphouet-Boigny Bridge in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, killing at least 35 people. Officials did not immediately release a death toll, but witnesses said the public bus was overcrowded. Officials said the bus smashed into two cars on a bridge stretching over the lagoon in the West African nation's commercial capital, and was then sent hurtling over the edge.

Thierry Gouegnon / Reuters

Rescuers collect bodies of victims into a boat recovered from a lagoon in Abidjan, Ivory Coast on August 5.

Sia Kambou / AFP - Getty Images

Rescue workers pull bodies of a victim of a bus accident on August 5.

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