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Tightrope walker fails to set record between two hot air balloons

China Daily / Reuters

Saimaiti Aishan, a 27-year-old Uighur tightrope-walking acrobat, hangs onto a 15-meter-long tightrope connected between two hot air balloons as he fails in an attempt for setting a 100-meter height record in Langshan, Hunan province Aug. 6. Aishan, the nephew of Adili Wuxor, who is known as "Prince of the Tightrope", is the first person to perform tightrope walking between two hot air balloons. He set a national tightrope walking record at 30 meters high on Saturday, but failed in his attempt of 100 meters, local media reported. Picture received Aug. 7.

Apparently this acrobat is a seventh-generation tightrope walker. I have to say that after seeing the kinds of stunts these artists attempt, it always kind of surprises me that there are multiple generations. The feat wouldn't be cheapened in my mind if safety devices were put in place. 

Check out Saimaiti Aishan's attempt to walk the Tianmenshan Mountain cableway here, and see video of his balloon attempt below.

A Chinese tightrope artist had some problems crossing between two hot air balloons, slipping and falling after strong winds knocked him off the wire .


 UPDATE: After seeing the added video of the balloon walk, Aishan was in fact wearing a tether.