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'Stop burning my city': Londoners demand a halt to violence

Chris Helgren / Reuters

Hundreds of messages of support from the community of Peckham are seen posted on a looted storefront in the south London district on August 10.

As msnbc.com reports today, the streets of London were generally calmer on Tuesday evening as residents in several districts stood guard to protect their neighborhoods alongside a noticeably larger police presence.

In Peckham, which saw violence on Monday night, people turned the boards covering a damaged store into an impromptu tribute to the strengths of their community. The Mirror newspaper printed a selection of the messages left under the heading "Why we love Peckham":

"We stand up for each other"

"Love is the key"

"Because there are people who respect each other"

"Diversity + jerk chicken"

"My home"

Peter MacDiarmid / Getty Images

A man posts a note on a 'Peace Wall' on a boarded up window of a discount store in Peckham on August 10.

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