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Ugandan authorities break up memorial service for victim killed by police forces

Michele Sibiloni / AFP - Getty Images

Supporters of former presidential challenger and opposition leader Kizza Besigye try to run away from Ugandan authorities in the town of Masaka in Uganda on August 10. Besigye pledged to join in with the protests at a candle-lit vigil in the town of Masaka, around 87 miles southwest of Kampala. Army and police fired teargas at a crowd of opposition supporters following the service as they tried to make their way to lay a wreath at the house where the child was shot.

Michele Sibiloni / AFP - Getty Images

Supporters of Kizza Besigye hold candles on August 10 during a memorial service for a victim who was killed earlier in the year by Ugandan authorities during demonstrations.

Reuters reports from MASAKA, Uganda:

Ugandan police fired teargas on Wednesday to disperse thousands of supporters of opposition leader Kizza Besigye who had gathered to hear his renewed calls for protests against high food and fuel prices.

The east African nation was rocked by widespread anti-government protests in April and May, sparked by rising prices. At least nine people were killed in the government's clampdown and Besigye was arrested and badly beaten by security agents. Continue reading.

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