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Twin bombings target Pakistani police in Peshawar

GRAPHIC WARNING: This post contains graphic images which some viewers may find disturbing.

The AP reports from PESHAWAR, Pakistan:

A burqa-clad female suicide bomber attacked police at the scene of an earlier explosion in northwestern Pakistan on Thursday, twin strikes that killed five people and broke a relative lull in militant violence in the country. Continue reading.

Fayaz Aziz / Reuters

Family members hold onto a man, crying as the body of his dead brother, a policeman, is brought to the Lady Reading Hospital after an explosion in Peshawar, Pakistan, on August 11. Four policemen and one child were killed and 14 people wounded when a remote-controlled bomb concealed in a push-cart exploded, police said. An hour later and yards from the initial bombing, a woman covered in a head-to-foot burqa carried out a suicide bombing, killing herself and another woman, police said.

Fayaz Aziz / Reuters

A boy who survived the initial bomb attack is brought to the Lady Reading hospital in Peshawar on August 11.

A Majeed / AFP - Getty Images

The blood-stained wreckage of a police van following a bomb explosion in Peshawar on August 11.