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New Zealand hit with heavy snow

Bradley Ambrose / EPA

Heavy snowfalls blanket large parts of the city of Christchurch, New Zealand, Aug. 15. Much of New Zealand was at a standstill after a rare weather front from the Antarctic dumped massive snowfall over huge areas of the country. The South Island took the brunt of the storm, though the capital, Wellington, at the foot of the North Island, had its heaviest snowfall in 30 years forcing road closures and flight cancellations.


The New Zealand Herald reports:

MetService head forecaster Peter Kreft told NZPA the polar blast was "of the order of a 50 year'' event and warned it could last for several more days.

"It's a once in many decades event. We are probably looking at something like - in terms of extent and severity, maybe 50 years,'' he said.

The level of snow that fell in Wellington had not been seen since at least the 1970s, he said.

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