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Mount Soputan spews ash and lava in Indonesia

Andreas / AFP - Getty Images

A farmer works in his field as the Mount Soputan volcano spews volcanic ash, in Minahasa on Indonesia's Sulawesi Island on Aug. 14. An Indonesian official raised the alert status to the second-highest level, level III, also named Siaga, after the Soputan volcano spewed ash to a level of 1200 meters.

Andreas / AFP - Getty Images

A picture taken in Minahasa on Indonesia's Sulawesi Island early on Aug. 15, shows the Mount Soputan volcano spewing volcanic ash and lava.

Reading the entire piece from the Jakarta Post feels like looking at a sports page for a volcano league, as there are activity levels and stats mentioned for a number of volcanos scattered throughout Indonesia. I would think the stress for residents in the area must be pretty extreme at times.

The Jakarta Post reports:

...observers recorded that Mt. Soputan had experienced several tremors, noting that the volcano spewed blazing material into the air several times and disgorged a flow of lava about 500-750 meters to the west of the crater.

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