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Vilnius mayor acknowledges distributing digitally altered tank photo

Our original PhotoBlog post from August 3 contains the altered still. The video is unaltered.

AP reports:

This two picture combination shows on top, a frame grab taken from a video produced for the Swedish television show "99 Things To Do Before You Die" and distributed by the Vilnius City Municipality, showing Arturas Zuokas, the 43 year old mayor of Vilnius, accompanied by one of the show's producers riding along with the mayor as he drives a military vehicle over a car parked illegally on a main street in Vilnius, Lithuania, Tuesday Aug. 2, 2011. The image below, shows a still photograph of the same scene, also distributed by the Vilnius City Municipality, only the producer has been digitally removed. The area inside the red circle, in the image on top, (the circles were added by the AP), shows the television producer in a blue shirt. The area in the red circle in the image below shows where the producer has been removed. Zuokas acknowledged Tuesday Aug. 16, 2011 distributing the deliberately altered picture to The Associated Press and other news organizations, which was intended to dramatize his anti-parking campaign, an image that then was published in newspapers around world.

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