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Lunch is cancelled as Mumbai's army of dabbawalas go on strike to support protest movement

For the first time in their 120-year history, Mumbai's legendary tiffin delivery men are to strike, EPA reports.

The dabbawalas, whose elaborate system delivers hundreds of thousands of lunches from workers' homes to their offices each day - reportedly making just one mistake in every six million deliveries - have been studied by Harvard academics and a slew of management consultants, according to The Economist.

An official from the Mumbai Tiffin Box Supplier Association told The Wall Street Journal that deliveries will be halted on Friday in support of Anna Hazare's fight against corruption.

Veteran campaigner Hazare, whose protest has hit a chord with Indians fed up with rampant corruption, has struck a deal with police to hold a 15-day hunger strike and is expected to leave prison on Friday, the AP reported.

It looks like he won't be the only one going hungry.

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