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A supermarket in Gaza

When I saw this picture I thought of Martin Parr, who once said that he took photographs in his local supermarket "because this to me is the front line."

The AP moved Hatem Moussa's photo from the newly opened al-Andalusia mall alongside a report about the Gaza Strip's nouveau riche, whose wealth and conspicuous consumption are said to be the cause of growing resentment toward the ruling Hamas movement:

This middle class, which has become visible at the same time as a mini-construction boom in this blockaded territory, is celebrating its weddings in opulent halls and vacationing in newly built beach bungalows. That level of consumption may be modest by Western standards, but it's in startling contrast to the grinding poverty of most Gazans, who rely on U.N. food handouts to get by.

Some of the well-off are Hamas loyalists. That rankles many Gaza residents because the conservative Islamic movement gained popularity by tending to the poor — through charitable aid, education and medical care — along with its armed struggle against Israel.

"Hamas has become rich at the expense of the people," fumed a 22-year-old seamstress, Nisrine. Continue reading.