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'Fun trip': N Korea's Kim Jong Il meets with Russia's Medvedev

After a nice ride in his armored train, a friendly welcome from some Siberian ladies bearing bread and a spin around a military garrison with Dmitry Medvedev, is it any wonder that Kim Jong-il declared today that his journey to Russia had been a "fun trip"? He may not look all that enamored in this picture, but he even broke into a broad grin at one stage. If you don't believe me, click here.

The AP reports:

Kim arrived at the base in an armored Mercedes limousine and wore his trademark khaki leisure suit. He thanked Medvedev for flying from the Black Sea port of Sochi to meet him.

"When it comes to meetings with our partners, neighbors, it's not that far," Medvedev said.

"Thanks to your special attention and care, Mr. President, we're having a fun trip," Kim replied through a translator. Read the full story.

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