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Car plastered in photographs tells a story of the Libyan war

In the rebel stronghold of Benghazi, a young boy reads the story of the Libyan uprising. Not in a history book - though the victors in this war are probably already writing those - but in pictures, scores of them, blanketing the hood of a car. It is a vivid illustration of the pride felt by many thousands of Libyans who have taken part in the revolution.

For the past six months, myself and my fellow photo editors at msnbc.com have been compiling our own visual story of the Libyan war, collected in a slideshow that documents the conflict month by month, week by week, and day by day. We hope that it tells a more balanced story than the one on the car in Benghazi, though the difficulties professional photographers have faced in securing access to Gadhafi's soldiers mean that their story remains largely untold.

Click here to look back at the first days of the uprising, or here to see the most recent images in our slideshow.