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Taking stock of Libya's war-torn capital during a lull in the fighting

Benjamin Lowy / Reportage by Getty Images for msnbc.com

Two Libyan rebels walk through Gadhafi's secret underground tunnels that line the infamous Bab al-Aziziyia compound on Aug. 26, in Tripoli, Libya. The compound was the physical and psychological base of power for the Gadhafi regime. Earlier this week, the rebellion overran it.

Photojournalist Benjamin Lowy spent Thursday in 12 hours of firefights while covering the rebellion in Tripoli, Libya. But Friday an eerie calm occurred, as fighters took a break for Friday prayers.

See his Hipstamatic images from the city streets, Moammar Gadhafi's now-abandoned compound and the airport where he found scenes both gruesome and surreal.

Video: Inside Gadhafi's compound

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