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Scottish castle covered in graffiti

Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images

Patrick Boyle, The Earl of Glasgow and his son David, Viscount Kelburn pose at their home Kelburn Castle on August 30 in Largs, Scotland. The Earl of Glasgow has asked Historic Scotland if the graffiti can remain as a permanent feature of the Castle. The local council allowed the mural to be painted on the wall by Brazilian artists in 2007, with a three year limit put on the graffiti pending the start of rendering work at the castle.

David Moir / Reuters

The Earl of Glasgow, Patrick Boyle, left, and his son David, the Viscount Kelburn, pose for photographers as they look at graffiti paintings by Brazilian artists on the walls of Kelburn Castle near Largs, Scotland on August 30. Boyle, the owner of the castle, has written to Historic Scotland asking if the mural, which was completed by Brazillian graffiti artists in 2007, can be kept after the three-year time limit, which was put on the artwork by the local council, has expired.