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Ned Kelly's remains found -- but his head is still missing

Old Melbourne Gaol (top) and Victorian Forensic Medicine (bottom) via Reuters

A combination photo shows an undated photograph of Ned Kelly (top), and his headless remains in Melbourne by the Victorian Forensic Medicine on September 1, 2011. Australian authorities have identified the remains of bushranger Ned Kelly, 131 years after the iconic outcast was hanged for murder and his body buried in the yard of a Melbourne gaol.

The infamous leader of a gang of bank robbers in Australia in the 19th century was executed in 1880, but his final resting place had long been a mystery.

"To think a group of scientists could identify the body of a man who was executed more than 130 years ago, moved and buried in a haphazard fashion among 33 other prisoners, most of whom are not identified, is amazing," said Victoria Attorney General Robert Clark.

Now one question remains, where is his head?

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Movie trailer from 'Ned Kelly' starring the late Heath Ledger.

The remains of Australia's notorious and legendary bank robber are identified after 130 years, but his head remains missing. TODAY.com's Dara Brown reports.