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Photographer notebook: Shannon Stapleton reflects on life and work in New York City

I picked this image from Stapleton's 68 picture slideshow because my grandmother lived on the eleventh floor of Knickerbocker Village and looked out on the Manhattan Bridge. As a kid from rural upstate New York, I was fascinated with the subway trains rumbling across the bridge.

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As Reuters reports:

Originally from Ohio, Shannon Stapleton grew up in the Midwest in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, and graduated from Ohio State in 1991 with an advertising degree. As a 24-year-old freshman, Stapleton took photojournalism classes at Ohio University. He was always deeply enthralled and drawn to New York City and moved there some 16 years ago. Since then, he covered the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center, the financial crisis, gang violence, a heat wave and New York fashion week. In the slideshow, Stapleton recounts his experiences covering the city that never sleeps over the past 10 years.