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1,723 pound pumpkin disqualified by Alaska fair judges

If you're like me, you could hardly wait to hear how the giant pumpkin I PhotoBlogged earlier did at the Alaska State Fair.

The Anchorage Daily News has the full story.

Bill Roth / AP

Dale Marshall checks a small hole on the bottom of his 1,723 pound pumpkin that kept him from winning or setting a record at the Alaska State Fair grounds in Palmer, Alaska on Wednesday, Aug. 31. The giant gourd was grown by Marshall in his backyard greenhouse. Puncture or not, the pumpkin is in rare company. The world record weight for a pumpkin is 1,810 pounds. The winner was a 1,287-pound pumpkin that is the biggest pumpkin ever grown for the annual Giant Pumpkin competition at the state fair.

A great gourd tops the scales at 1,287 pounds at the Alaska State Fair and is big enough to make more than 1,000 pies. TODAY.com's Dara Brown reports.