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Mother begs for help for her burned son

A 9-year-old boy whose face was badly burned in a fire has been begging with his mother on the streets of a Chinese city in order to raise money for medical treatment, according to AFP.

Yang Weihao was injured in a fire near his home in Anhui province in June, China Daily reports. He has undergone two skin grafts and wears a mask to prevent his wounds from becoming infected. Yang's family has already spent more than 200,000 Yuan ($31,270) on hospital bills, but they have been left badly in debt and say that they cannot afford to pay for the further treatment that he needs.

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A woman teaching her nine-year-old son Yang Weihao schoolwork in Hefei, in eastern China's Anhui province, on Sept. 4. Weihao's face was badly burned in a fire at his home in June and he has already undergone two skin grafts. The family has been left badly in debt after paying the medical expenses. Now the boy and his mother are begging on the street to help pay for further treatment.

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Yang Weihao's mother consoles him as they beg from passers-by along a walkway in Hefei on Sept. 4.

AFP - Getty Images

Yang Weihao is tended to by his mother at their temporary home in Hefei on Sept. 4.