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Caught on tape: Motorcyclist rescued from fiery crash

Amazing footage from this dramatic rescue:

According to a report from KTVX-TV in Salt Lake City, Brandon Wright was riding his motorcycle on U.S. Highway 89 near the Utah State University campus Monday morning when a black BMW pulled out of a parking lot in front of him. Wright intentionally grounded his cycle to avoid getting hit — but his bike went up in flames and he slid underneath the auto, which was also on fire.

At first, a construction worker appears in the video, trying to lift the rear end of the BMW on his own. Within seconds, he’s joined by four others, who try in vain to lift the two-ton car. Suddenly, other on-the-spot rescuers enter the picture, and with a dozen folks pitching in, they manage to raise the car while a construction worker drags Wright’s motionless body out from the wreckage.

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In this Monday, Sept. 12, 2011 image taken from video, a group of people tilt a burning BMW up to free Brandon Wright, on his back on the ground, who was pinned underneath after he collided with the car while riding his motorcycle on U.S. 89 in Logan, Utah. Authorities said Wright was riding his motorcycle near the Utah State University campus in Logan when the 21-year-old collided with the BMW that was pulling out of a parking lot. Tire and skid marks on the highway indicate that Wright laid the bike down and slid along the road before colliding with the car, Assistant Police Chief Jeff Curtis said.

Chris Garff / AP

In this Monday, Sept. 12 image taken from video, police officers extinguish flames on a BMW and motorcycle that collided on U.S. 89 in Logan, Utah, as Brandon Wright lies on the ground between them.

A group of construction workers and students helped pull a man from a fiery crash in Logan, Utah after a motorcycle and car collided. NBC's Miguel Almaguer reports.